Stream La declaración de Randolph Carter (H.P. Lovecraft) by from desktop or your mobile device. The Statement of Randolph Carter. by H. P. Lovecraft. Telling ghost stories in dark and lonely places is an honored tradition. As a rule such. A speck over a quarter-hour, the microfilm La Declaracion de Randolph Carter ( The Statement of Randolph Carter, ) is by metal-band performer & Lovecraft .

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A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos. He who had so calmly left me a little while previously, now called from below in a shaky whisper more portentous than the loudest shriek:. This is a very short story, but Lovecraft packs it with tension and it has a finale which is chilling in the extreme.

Lovecraft is known as the father of the cosmic horror, and he delivers as always. That we bore electric lanterns, spades, and a curious coil of wire with attached instruments, I will even affirm; for these things all played a part in the single hideous scene which remains burned into my shaken recollection.

Despite being almost years old, this tale feels fresh and alive. I wouldn’t recommend the rest of Lovecraft’s “Dream Cycle” for Lovecraft newbies as this story is much different from those. They tie in, but then they don’t all at the same time.

The Statement of Randolph Carter – Wikipedia

The rest should be experienced by the reader. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Public domain Public domain false false. Carter’s mind ends up trapped in the body of an alien, another facet of the higher being.


Avon Fantasy Reader/Issue 10/The Statement of Randolph Carter

Over the valley’s rim a wan, waning crescent moon peered through the noisome vapors that seemed to emanate from unheard of catacombs, and by its feeble, wavering beams I could distinguish a repellent array of antique slabs, urns, cenotaphs, and mausoleum facades; all crumbling, moss-grown, and moisture-stained, and partly concealed by the gross luxuriance of the unhealthy vegetation.

Jan 14, Monse rated it really liked it Shelves: In the end, if you even remotely like horror or thrillers you must read Lovecraft and some of his stuff! His works were deeply pessimistic and cynical, challenging the values of the Enlightenment, Romanticism and Christianity. Lovecraft’s character may have been based on a real-life Randolph Carter, who was a Scholar at Christ’s Collegein the University of Cambridgefrom There’s a tiny homage at after the story ends acknowledging some of the classic expressionist filmmakers who inspired musician Sela Bizarr of King Bongo Bongo’s Suicide Circus fame.

At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels 7th corrected printing ed. Lovecraft is hard to get in to and while I love many of his stories, and ideas, I will admit that many can be painful to read and there’s quite a few “stinkers” that he has written.

My first Lovercraft and most definitely not my last! He solicits the aid of his friend Randolph Carter Thomas Zymelka to investigate a crypt that may provide evidence of incorruptible flesh.

Randolph Carter

Lovecraft ‘s fiction and is, presumably, an alter ego of Lovecraft himself. Awesome read, and short, maybe twenty minutes. Retrieved from ” https: In “The Silver Key”, he is alluded to as “a man in the southwho was shunned and feared for the blaspemous things he delcaracion in prehistoric books and clay tablets smuggled from India and Arabia. Randolph Carter is an antiquarian and one-time student of the fictional Miskatonic University.



Carter is also shown to possess considerable knowledge of the politics and geography of the dream world and has allies there. HP sets the scene in jagged cliffs into the underground with ancient runes. It seems to me rather merciful that I do not, for they were terrible studies, which I pursued more through reluctant fascination than through actual inclination.

A page or two more would have been better. It is a catrer film apart from the musical soundtrack with intertitle cards, in German. As I have said before, the weird studies of Harley Warren were well known to me, and declaaracion some extent shared by me.

You go right ahead into that black aperture, from which rushed an effluence of miasmal gases so nauseous that we started back in horror. The story contains an ed statement of a common theme of Lovecraft’s—the terrible price of knowledge:. Lovecraft probably could have done wonders with cellphones, horror-wise.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I repeat to you gentlemen, that your inquisition is fruitless.