the game Heroica by LEGO. My goal is to add depth to this portion of this book re-writes most of the rules from all 4 Heroica set and changes quite a few things. Download LEGO instructions on your computer or mobile device for HEROICA Ilrion set number to help you build these LEGO sets. These are some “Advanced” Heroica Rules I created. I decided to create a Website, where all rules of any Lego-Game can be collected.

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Game of the Week: The 1 reddit source for news, information, and discussion about modern board games. Please see the wiki for a full explanation of the rules.

Want to see which designers, reviewers, and publishers will be dropping by to discuss their work? Check out our AMA Calendar for our latest information. Islebound Designed by Ryan Laukat. Got a neat photo for the banner? Questions or problems with flair? Please don’t hesitate to PM the moderators. I’ve played quite a bit with family, but not had anyone else really take a look at it. This is probably a beta level product, It generally assumes you are familiar with the basic Heroica. Please give me some good feedback so I can make it better.

I’ll have a pdf version available. Very cool and definitely interested in this. Used to play Heroica with my kids but it got old fast. This might help to resurrect it. Definitely post the PDF! Keep in mind that most of the figs are available from multiple sets. I tried to give you enough information here to look them up. Everything came from Brickset. Having the only female character have an ability that only works if she’s dead might cause issues.


I don’t even understand that ability, to be honest. She’s not a damsel in distress if she’s dead. I think she was supposed to be able to resurrect in the spot where she died and not have to return to the checkpoint also. I really like lebo “Charm Monster” ability ideas.

Fortaan rules/maps posted | Heroica: Fortaan | BoardGameGeek

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Instructions For LEGO 3860 Castle Fortaan

Insyructions Il Magnifico Vote here! See Calendar The Wiki See the index to witness such miraculous things as: A list of FLGS around the globe.

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All Inshructions Related Subreddits. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. A herroica people asked about these in another thread about LEGO games so here they are. With background Without background I’ve played quite a bit with family, but not had anyone else really take a look at it. Want to add to the discussion? I know, I know, I just like to make people’s foreheads crease in anguish. Would you mind sharing which games you got your figs from?

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition.