Stunners: The Mental Magic of Larry Becker on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Master Mind Magic Collection Larry Becker – Stunners PLUS!Mind magician Larry Becker two decades mentalism al PDFLarry. Stunners Plus! by Larry Becker. Another great book from Larry Becker. Publisher: Aplar Publishing; Pages: ; Location: Carefree, AZ, USA.

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The wisdom will change your life, befker if it doesn ‘ t change your life it will certainly make you a better magician and mentalist. A spectator shuffles the deck. There are NO pipe dreams here.

Three volunteers randomly create a “phantom serial number” by calling off digits from three freely selected dollar bills. Mentalism Incorporated – Hickok — This is a book for what may prove a small audience. Another freely chooses two cards.

Stunners! Plus! Two Decades of Mental Magic by Larry Becker :

Want a quote from a top flight magic guy? The spectator totals all ten numbers only to discover the performer had correctly predicted the answer. Everything from the Bank Nite and Mental Safari routines to two “killers”, “Descripto” and “Divination,” disclosed here for the very first time.

Oct 3, It is fascinating to read how some of his most famous effects evolved from great effects to outright miracles.

I sell a very small selection. Magic that “might be real” and definitely looks like it! A baffling mental coin effect with an extra added “attraction. Be sure to focus your comments on the product.

Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed. The presentational ideas alone would make this one of the greatest educational journeys you’ve stunnrs taken. Despite some very fair mixing and dealing, the performer wins every hand and correctly predicts the outcome of the final hand. Larry’s brilliant effects, all wonderfully-simple and simply-wonderful, have earned their deserved place in the genre of “miracle class” mentalism.


I haven’t performed any of this new material, but I can tell you that Al Zymer Graphology is a syunners way to do handwriting analysis without needing to remember anything about graphology.

Even though I skip right past the many effects which unsurprisingly utilize playing cards yawn the books contain a plethora of other great mental effects and, even though these books are probably not as well known as the more glitzy “Stunners Plus,” they’re a terrific resource for performers of mentalism and mental magic. It is fascinating to read how some of his most famous effects evolved from great effects to outright miracles.

Also included is “Sneaky Too”, a devastating card routine that goes one up on the original. However, there are also heaps of “in betweens” there, using cards, billets, etc.

Stunners PLUS! By Larry Becker

You alrry a woman who reveals the names of the cards and the chosen word! He combines such effects with his engaging personality, dynamic presentation, immaculate dress, and command of language to create a criterion for preforming mentalism we must all strive for. A few years later fate chose that we should meet and become friends. More than an explanation, this is a chronology of the development of a spectacular mental illusion and the many close calls Larry experienced while performing it.

One of the consistent characteristics of his routines is entertainment value. Author of Illusions of Influence, a treatise on Equivoque. Apr 14, This is an outstanding edition and in my opinion a must for mentalists.

Finally, for his creations you are about to encounter, Larry has received worldwide accolades.

If you have even a little bit of a handering to work for big money you should get and read this book. If you are looking to add entertaining “Psychic” readings to your show this product rocks.

A baffling variation of the Koran Gold Medallion effect using a cardboard carton and a locked box. Now you can perform miracles without sleight-of-hand or memory techniques.

  BS EN 12056-3 PDF

Then read it again! A unique principle that enables you to duplicate paper currency, legally, to achieve an uncanny display of “teleportation.

Through his entertaining magic and metalism, he teaches the proper application of this very important tool. He is, however, a master at his craft larrt I am in awe of his mind and his ability.

However, as stated in the blurb, Larry issued this book more than a decade ago as a limited edition and now has released this book with additional material. With this ingenious technique the questions are never even written by the participants, but each is directly answered-you could even seal the answers in envelopes for the sitter to take home and read later, with specific names, dates and answers.

Mind magician Larry Becker two decades mentalism Collection. Four spectators draw whatever they wish on blank file cards. In addition, this exciting new book also includes the instructions and presentations for many of Larry’s commercially produced effects. The performer correctly and cleanly predicts the outcome of three games of chance, Roulette, Black Jack and Craps. A zany prediction woven into a tale about the deadly Borgia family.

This page was created in 0. Here is what you get: The cassette the spectator removes from the chest is the one he actually signed and locked inside days or weeks earlier. Choose a ranking for this item. No electronics or switching. I have read some posts about this book before; people are asking where to buy it and now you can find it here: Bryan Follow me on Twitter!