As the manual with the KO2 is so poor I thought it might be a good idea to have one thread for all the tips, tricks, discoveries and shortcuts that. the instruction manual but isn’t because these days instruction manuals The Kaossilator 2 is a reasonably inexpensive x-y touchpad device. The Korg Kaossilator KO-1 is a portable music synthesizer manufactured by Korg . Termed a on the LED display but are given specific names in the instructions. It is possible to overcome the two-bar limit as the Kaossilator records audio.

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Recording | kaossilator 2 – DYNAMIC PHRASE SYNTHESIZER | KORG (USA)

It can be found here: A software-only version is available as an application for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. It weighs g 5. The Kaossilator casing is yellow with a silvery metal face-plate.

The tempo is then set to exactly half the tempo of before, in this case There is a way to merge loops in this thread: That gives you the freedom of setting the Kaossilator x-y touchpad to the smallest possible range for the largest possible finger area to touch while still giving you the ability to choose which eight notes you want available in the octave.

Korg Kaossilator

Korg Forums A forum for Korg product users and musicians around the world. But like almost everything else, the more you know, I mean really know, the easier technology is to control and have fun with. Doing this will make four bars available by setting the Loop Length to 16but this disables the Undo function [6].


But real-life practicalities immediately bring up some interesting issues. You can control the arrangement within the octave. On the Kaossilator, if you define the pad as two or more octaves everything is very close together. View my complete profile.

kaossilator 2/Owner’s Manual

Despite this limitation, some artists have recorded full-length albums with the Kaossilator. Third, you can record what you perform. I can sort of do one with the cross fader, but that is not what I am after. However the Kaossilator 2 does allow you to set koassilator root and then also re-set what it calls the scale type.

However, if a person has some music theory background, they know that if you can set the root to an E and then re-set the scale type to Aeolian, you get the same notes as a G-major scale, but starting at E. Second, this relates to something I did a post about a few years ago.

The Kaossilator also has a gate arpeggiator and manhal loop function that allows the layering of instruments to produce loops. The aim is to keep on adding to this document to create a central location for everything everyone contributes: I have also set up a FB page for people to share their discoveries and creations.

On a device such as an iPad where the touchpad is also a display screen it is easy to touch the notes you want.

Languages Italiano Edit links. It is possible to overcome the two-bar limit as the Kaossilator records audio to memory.

Korg Kaossilator – Wikipedia

Or a chromatic scale. Programs are indicated only by a letter-and-two-digit designation on the LED display but are given specific names in the instructions. The Kaossilator is portable, running on four AA batteries or a 4.


For most sounds, moving horizontally on the touchpad changes the pitch over a range of two octaves in one case, only one octave; for several sounds the range is much more than manusl octaves. Wed Jul 25, 6: But fretless instruments require exceptional dexterity to play and a good ear.

Two — My Kaossilator 2 Tip The little x-y touchpad is so powerful because it can be defined and re-defined from one performance to the next, from one sound to the next, or in any style for any reason in any way a person may choose to re-define it.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Third, this is about a new gadget I bought a few days ago and this gadget will be appearing on the blog a lot, I think, in the future. A compilation of tips, tricks and discoveries has been kaosslator on the following link. And of course this works for any key. Wed Manuap 25, 4: So those people will have a hard time getting the most ,anual out of their Kaossilator 2.

The Kaossilator 2 is a reasonably inexpensive x-y touchpad device that can do a heck of a lot and it runs on batteries so I bought one. On the little gadget, the Kaossilator 2, you can re-define the x-y touchpad, but only in certain ways. Fri Jul 20, 9: