Farewell to Reality: How Modern Physics Has Betrayed the Search for Scientific Truth. Jim Baggott. Pegasus, $ (p) ISBN. Two writers argue that modern science needs to get a grip on reality, rejecting ‘ timeless’ theories of the universe and the ‘fairytale’ physics of. It’s always good when a book of popular science has a clear line to argue, and Jim Baggott’s line is very clear indeed: modern physics has.

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Some theoretical physicists even go as far as to put themselves on the same plane as the good old Einstein. In trying to solve this main problem and this is merely a most pertinent one from many, Physics has tied itself in a knot it is struggling to untangle. String theory itself seems to me a worthy sub — field of mathematics.

A lot of it is not even science. I can see the direct relation to what he is say. We have gone from elegant and empirical to seemingly impossibly complex and untestable. I think the PRL issue, which had nothing much to do with the book being discussed here, has now been convincingly beaten to death. In one of my favourite passages of Time RebornSmolin sits in a cafe and garewell up a truly outre idea that fundamental particles follow jimm principle of precedent rather than timeless laws and then sees where the idea takes him.

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These implications can be used to construct another layer of theoretical structure. The Standard Model again is difficult, but has a beauty in it: A t an interdisciplinary gathering of academics discussing the concept of time, I once heard a scientist tell the assembled humanities scholars that physics can now replace all their woolly notions of time with one that is unique, precise and true. And even Einstein considered Quantum Mechanics to be too weird for words.

June 24, at 6: In this stunning new volume, Jim Baggott argues that there is no observational or experimental evidence for many of the ideas of modern theoretical physics: As for those poor theoretical physicists, who cares?

Baggott’s text is ultimately an attempt to knock down one sector of the creeping pseudo-science that is increasingly masquerading as actual science in academia and especially in the popular presentation of science to the public. The carbon in us adds nothing to this vast body of evidence. There was enough depth for someone like myself that is conversant in physics but doesn’t actually practice it himself, and yet not so much depth that you hit road blocks in understanding due to pages of mathematics that you have to digest.


Now one can argue that science writers should be more critical and not just believe what some scientist tells them to advertise their research. This might be a great point to note the passing of, perhaps, the fareaell theoretical physicist who can claim to have Revolutionized our view of reality, Ken Wilson.

If I look at the field today, it seems to me that pace of progress beyond the Standard Model and the link between GR and QM is not making me hold my breath.

This argument seems to farewll sense, but it amounts to cherry picking to support a certain belief system that puts us at the center of the universe. I imagine the mathematician V. He advertises string theory as having found application in quantum information theory, a claim that I doubt is believed by any other string theorist or quantum information theorist.

Too bad, as i really liked the overall approach. It is setting up a challenge and creating controversy. The three components of the scientific method discussed.

Farewell to Reality | Not Even Wrong

Whether it be superstrings, Super-symmetry, Black Hole radiation and the holographic principle, the universe as information, the multiverse, the Everett interpretation, the anthropic principle these theories have one thing in common they are not testable. Special and general theories of relativity. But one thing to say, in view of the current employment situation in physics, is this line from his obituary: I’m a big fan of popular science books and I have to admit, I am guilty of exactly what Jim Farewrll is trying to teach against.

There has been an explosion in Physics for the common man, or at least the lay person that chooses to follow.

Farewell to Reality

Aug 19, Book rated it really liked baggogt Shelves: Return to Book Page. Confronting one of the biggest obstacles in science. While I was aware of many of the aspects and topics he covered, in many cases the exact mea Baggott’s text is ultimately an attempt to knock down one sector of the creeping pseudo-science that is increasingly masquerading as actual science in academia and especially in the popular presentation of science to the public. It may serve as a decent layman’s survey of the current state of fareell physics, but as a criticism it falls short of its aim.


Baggot is currently a freelance science writer. That attribute might endear Smolin’s speculative ideas to physicist-turned-writer Jim Baggott. A theory like Newton’s theory of gravitation is a coherent set of rules or perhaps “laws” that describe how the world reailty, and which explains all observations to date. The possible price you pay is that then space, not time, becomes illusory.

Okay, bgagott you are familiar with quarks, muons, leptons, Higgs field, multiverse, super-symmetric particles, superstrings, M-theory, the holographic principle, or W and Z particles then this book might be interesting to you.

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His battles with other scientists. The moral of this particular knotty tale fagewell that patience and tolerance are virtues. Loading comments… Trouble loading? And what of conjecture without current evidence? At some tipping point a significant conversation within the scientific community will emerge. The experiments are telling us that we can know nothing of reality-in-itself.

Backreaction: Book Review: “Farewell to Reality” by Jim Baggott

Do good theories always show such progress before they come good? The book the pass to describe the controversial theory of the sort of fractal world split with the quantum measurement ,the Everetts many worlds theory;the inflationary multiverse and the cosmic landscape asumption ,this last could solve the Fine Tuning and the Antropic Cosmological Principle and finally theyet embrionary ,black hole information,entropy,temperature theory and the holographic universe conjecture the information of the universe is stored in its Surface.

I buy everything you say. Granted, in current state, it may seem that we are being spun a dangerous web of what Baggott calls ‘Fairy Tale physics’ but, to turn the phrase against its author, a fairy tale is merely the uncomfortable zone of tension that emerges when one type of discourse normativity, ‘what-should-be-done’ meets local exception – the stricture where an old order is irrupted and challenged.

Come to your own conclusions.