Just import your favourite teaching materials into iTunes U — documents, annotation is available on iPad (3rd generation) or later, and iPad mini 2 or later. 2. Project management (eBook). This unit is based upon a case study scenario Part of Apple’s iTunes store, iTunes U is a vast learning resource offering free. Definition from — iTunes U is a dedicated section of Apple’s iTunes Music Store that features more than educational audio and video files from .

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Learning platform that supports course authoring, homework and assignement distribution, integrated grading, forums, and more. However, iTunesU will just tell you that you have a message and you have to search every student from the assignments to find the blue dot next to their name. Once you have the website, bookmark it and email yourself the link. You can only view it on the student side.

Most of the responses are “that’s just the way iTunesU works. I used iTunes U for 6 years with my middle school class. Overall it got the basic job done, but nothing else.

If you have the option of these two, I would not recommend iTunes U. Students can also be sneaky with iTunesU. I have seen them create their own class so they can chat with each other threw the app. Also if you enable chat within your class, there is no filter.

Yes it say who typed what, but with middle schoolers, they don’t think about that. It makes everything connected, like posting assignments, sharing links to an article on the net, sharing PDF files or other documents, etc. By allowing to create an outline of the course it organizes everything so well. And everything just works. It also is great for Students in that you can simply search for courses and will find many courses free of cost.

Surprisingly, the available coruses are much more than one would expect. For example, search for psychiatry or psychology and you will never run out of available courses. Best of all, these publically available courses are totally FREE of cost. Itunes U can also be accessed on PC with the iTunes app itself. Not available on android atleast i don’t know of dedicated app only on iOS needs itunes software itself on other platforms like windows or mac os don’t expect certificates for the courses sometimes the courses are too short and resources in these areas underwhelming need internet when some stuff has to be streamed from the internetor is a link to a webpage.

This software is very reliable.

Through this software I was able to recover music and playlists from High School that I thought were lost forever. I know that may sound kind of silly but that sort of thing is important to someone like me who genuinely loves music. I got to listen to songs I had iutnesu forgotten even existed.

This software is amazing. It was a pain in the butt to get back into the account after obviously forgetting a 7 year itunesk password but with some patients I was able to get in. Definitely worth the time and effort. The security being that strong is a good thing. I’ll never use anything else to store my music. After all I thought that all of iitunesu music that brought back countless memories was forever lost and with this software it made the impossible, possible.


There are a lot of great reasons to explore iTunes U. Here’s what I see: Although I like what I see, here are concerns: It doesn’t really 2cc the depth that the topic s suggests.

You cannot expect to take a class on iTunes U and cover the same material you would in an actual class – It works on Androids, but I wouldn’t say itunesj works smoothly – Due to how much there is on iTunes U, it can be difficult to weed through and actually find quality courses – Some content areas are greatly underrepresented – you may find a lot on one topic, and virtually nothing on another topic.

Diversity would be great! I’ve used to learn personally about all sorts of topics and explore building courses.

iTunes U Reviews and Pricing –

I really wish that there was a way to go back in time and find this software sooner. I work in the education industry, and a lot of teachers could use this program. It really made my life itunesi to grade my students assignments and to give them feedback on it.

It is very user friendly and the comments itunwsu and still are all positive. It also helped me to find ideas and content for my classes. No more all nighter wondering what I am gonna do the next morning with my students, this software is literally filled with content.

Sometimes, I have to really bring myself to use my Ipad only because of this app. I really hope they adapt it for Macs in the near future. I gained so much time with this software, it really changed the way I teach, and I still discover new things about it even after months of use.

Thousands of musics and be listen through subscription and easy to play all videos and audios in one platform while managing my Apple devices. There is not much for me to say cons about this software. But when I was a beginner, it was quite hard for me to understand and manage my devices using iTunes.

But I am satisfied with this. I am highly satisfied with the functions in this software. Because it helps me to do my daily things more easier. Most important thing to me is the security. It provides all the security to my devices and my data.

Very reliable, seemingly crash free. I mostly ittunesu itunes for Podcasts. Selection of podcasts is second to none. Don’t like the focus on streaming. My user experience used to be designed for on-the-go and now is seems like I constantly need to manage what is or isn’t on the cloud. Managing podcasts in my library is less intuitive then it used to be.

Stanford on iTunes U

Seems more focused on most recent episodes instead of listing episodes in the show. I typically don’t generate long play next play lists and like to select ale cart. I love how easy it is to listen, create playlist, and share music with friends. I am able to download my favorite music with a simple click and listen to a radio station and get a little mix of everything. Very efficient and gets a party started!


There should be a way to make changes to a playlist if someone shares the playlist with you. My overall experience is great. I am able to make a variety of playlist for different occasions. It’s one of my favorites. For me it’s really important to maintain my music, videos and data organize so this is a really good way to have everything in one place. Very easy to use, to navigate, to do backup of my Apple device, friendly design, very clean and clear. It lays low in the background, and doesn’t take up too much RAM.

It has a huge library of songs and podcasts. Its search functionality is a bit itunrsu, and sometimes a better filter would help my find the podcasts I’m looking for easier. I can listen and enjoy podcasts itunrsu I work. At the same time, it keeps my library on the cloud so that I don’t need to store it at home. Love being able to download music daily. Some artists don’t put their music on iTunes so I can’t find certain songs.

So I have one for working out and another for meditation. Great for everyday use. I love the accessibility of all the music and lack of advertisements. I can store all of my music and media without having to worry about losing any data. Older versions of the programs tend to start running extremely slow once a new update is available. Easy to use, its connection to i tunes radio, its versatility in the search, classification and creation of song lists. Its connection to Icloud is inconvenient in some cases as it quickly consumes the memory of low storage devices like the iphone.

The impossibility of buying music in Venezuelan Bolivars. It’s lightyears ahead of spotify in my opinion – i love the personalised playlist i receive every tuesday and the exclusive music as soon as it comes out. I choose to upload my own personal music to Apple Music. Aesthetically much better than spotify too. There’s not enough itunedu in playlists – that’s where i think spotify does better. What I love about this software that it has family sharing.

You are able to share with family members on the same account. I also love the download speed, it is fast for songs and also itunwsu downloading in groups such as Top Hits. More recommendations for music based on my downloads.

Maybe I am missing it and it already does this. Even while taking classes in school, you can expand your learning using iTunes U. There are many classes I want to take in college but don’t want to pay for them. It has an unbelievably huge selection of songs.