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ISO , Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines – Data processing, communication and presentation – Part 1: General guidelines [ISO/ TC. Buy ISO Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines – Data processing, communication and presentation Part 1: General guidelines from. Warning. This document is not an ISO International Standard. .. ISO , Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines – Data.

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A more in depth look reveals a way to reduce costs, improve interoperability, increase competition, incorporate design changes, and further cooperation in the realm of condition-based maintenance. Project managers implementing condition-based maintenance systems must take on the task of integrating a wide variety of software and hardware components as well as developing a framework for these components.

OSA-CBM simplifies this process by specifying a ieo architecture and framework for implementing condition-based maintenance systems.

GSO ISO – Standards Store – GCC Standardization Organization

It describes the six functional blocks of CBM systems, as well as the interfaces between those blocks. The standard provides a means to integrate many disparate components and eases the process by specifying the inputs and outputs between the components. In short, it describes a standardized information delivery system for condition based monitoring. It describes the information that is moved around and how isoo move it. It also has built in meta-data to describe the processing that is occurring.


Vendors and integrators can implement the standard ixo the appropriate technology for their environment. At the time, no framework or standard existed for implementing CBM systems. Navy expends billions of dollars every year for maintenance. Most of the costs are in the form of manpower and part of the costs comes from proprietary software and hardware. To control increasing costs the Navy came to industry for ideas, support, and interchangeability standards.

The goal was that standardization of information exchange specifications within the community of CBM users would ideally drive the CBM supplier base to produce interchangeable hardware and software components.

BS ISO 13374-1:2003

Lso team envisioned that a widely adopted open standard would result in a free market for CBM components. There existed a need for an Open System 13734-1 to facilitate the integration and interchangeability of these components from a variety of sources. ISO, Condition Monitory and Diagnostics of Machines, defines the six blocks of functionality in a condition monitoring system, as well as the general inputs and outputs of those six blocks.

  EPRI NP-6406 PDF

OSA-EAI defines data structures for storing and moving collective information about all aspects of equipment, including platform health and future capability, into enterprise applications. This includes the physical configuration of platforms as well as reliability, condition, and maintenance of platforms, systems, and subsystems.

It is not, however, a commercial grade implementation.