I’ve clear the CMOS, and held insert while starting up with no effect. EDIT: This may work, take a look ftp:// ftp:// (This assumes that you really have an IC7-G, not -C.) For generic advice on BIOS settings. Abit IC7 P4 E @ ghz. Maxtor gig 16mb SATA 1gb 2x directions: g_eng_vzip.

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User Name Remember Me? Corsair and Kingston Compatability? I know that a lot of folks here on this forum know their stuff, so at the risk of starting a memory debate, I’d like to know what anyone would make of the following comparisons: I could not find any Latency specs on the Corsair Web Site.

I have no clue if that makes a difference or if the two purples and two greens are just reminders for dual channelers.

My Kingstons are two sticks of ‘s and I am trying to cut out the sizes to max out my memory slots with single gig sticks liek this Corsair I just bought. I REALLY do not want to send this back, as I have it installed by itself right now the poor Kingstons sitting here in front of me pouting under their cooling system and it works beautifully by itself.

The Kingstons, also, work beautifully by themselves, but put the two together and I get system crashes and random reboots. The only difference I could see in the different web site manufacturers’ stats on their various pages, besides the latency, was the 64Mx64 as opposed to Mx I have no idea what that means. Can any fellow help me? I’d love to hear all of your ideas and opinions before I decide to send this back or not.

My decision to send or not send will be made by tomorrow night depending g_eng_v1011 what I find out here. Or I could keep the Kingstons and put em in a puter me love is planning on building if you folks think this Corsair stuff is still good heck 1GB at 92 bucks I’ll go ahead and slot THOSE out and make them play wellbut I do not want to buy any more of the stuff until I know what these colors on the mobo slots g_ng_v101 for sure.

I have the manual for my mobo here, but as usual, and typical of mobo manuals, it is cryptic at best and assumes you are a tech freak that knows the jargon.

Since you have the modules in hand, you could try setting the 4 main memory parameters manually and see if they will run together but I doubt they will. Try setting the SPD to disabled and then set the 4 timings to 2. Also, set your Kc7 voltage to 2.

Abit-IC7 max 3 manual – Abit IC7-MAX3 Motherboard

I like Tiger and order from them frequently but your sales rep is most likely very wrong. Last edited by Yellowbeard; at After perusing the excellent multi-language manual for your Abit board, I see that you may have a problem getting these two sticks to run in dual channel mode.


Size in reference to ram sticks refers to the architecture of the ic’s integrated circuit chips making up each stick. One stick is 64mx64 and the other is mx The memory controller on your board probably won’t be able to operate these two sticks in dual channel mode as the size architectures need to match. There g_enf_v101 two dual channel banks on your board. Using slots dimm1 and dimm3 make g_eng_v01 one dual channel bank and using slots dimm2 and dimm4 make up the other dual channel bank.

The dimm1 slot is the slot closest to your Pentium cpu, then dimm2, then dimm3, and finally dim4 furthest from your Pentium cpu.

All is not lost however, you may be able to get the two sticks to run together in single channel mode by placing the sticks in slots dimm1 and dimm2 or slots dimm3 and dimm4. If you really would like to run your system with two gigs in dual channel mode you’ll either have to follow specmike’s suggestion of a Corsair Twinx kit or try to find an exact match both part number and revision number for either of the sticks you already own.

If either of the sticks you currently own is more than a couple of months old, finding another stick that exactly matches will be very problematic. Ebay might be a long shot, if your lucky. If g_eng_v11 decide to go for the Corsair kit, it would be best to use the Corsair configurator to find the exact kit model number you’ll need for your specific model of geng_v101. A link to the Corsair Configurator: Last edited by Garvin; at Aye I found the issue me thinks.

Before I get to that, basically I am eventually upping myself to the full 4 gigs.

Index of /pub/download/fae

The reason for this is this CPU is being used as a base unit to power an at-home flight simulator, which by itself takes GB of space on my hard drive just for the scenery alone. I do great in the air and out int he country, but flying into major airports with lots of traffic turns my flying practice into more of a slide show with bad framerates.

That said, I stumbled across CPUz and ran it on both sets of memory. I found that really the only difference g_eeng_v101 than the channeling issue was the latency. It also refuses to save the settings with the speed set to 3 instead of 2. I’ll paste the results here: If everything I read is right, I will be able to lower the speed so g_wng_v101 other memory is not iv7 and up the voltage a tad to handle the sticks.

Index of /ftp-archives/abit-ftp-archive_archive-org/fae

As for mixing brands, aye I believe that is true as well. I am eventually getting 4 sticks of the same stuff. I just need to get the cash first. THis is just a temporary fix until I get the second gig stick then the ‘s are going to my sweetie as a gift for a new computer she desires to build. Thanks a lot for the help, folks. Of course I AM still researching g_en_v101 carefully before I proceed, so I am soaking in anything folks here on thi board have to say as well as the other board I am posting on a flight sim board flooded with home cockpit builders.


If you are waiting for a floppy for a bios flash you have 2 options. And, you can also flash from a bootable CD if you have a burner. Also, what video cards for that rig ix7 you have? Mind posting a link to the flight sim board?

I take it you’ve seen the one guy’s flight sim rig with 6 or 7 PCs and like 5 monitors, right? Find all posts by Wired.

The problem with this BIOS is, yes, when i got this mobo they were bragging in all of the paperwork about how it can be flashed from Windows. Please update the BIOS manually to a version that can handle this software”.

Still a killer board though, just annoying on that little part. As for the link to the forum I piosted in, it’s not a cockpit builders forum specifically. Here are the links to both: Mine is a single CPU and single monitor. It is mainly hardware that is making my system, following an article series from “Computer Pilot Magazine”. Many thanks for that tip.

As for now — time for another long night of work: I am not sure a bios udate will solve the problem. The modules you have look to have different SPD settings and would not be compatible. Ah okay, so telling the faster modules to go to a slower speed will not work? I always thought it was possible to tell memory to slow down — with the only impossibility is not being able to tell the slower memory to speed up for obvious limitations. No matter, as I have decided on this new memory as it performs well, also, and at the price it is selling for I am going to pass off the kings to my sweetie and buy three more sticks of the Corsairs for memory amount.

She’ll be happy, because these sticks I already have are, quite frankly, awesome. Yes they will but you would need to set the timings manually and you should not run mismatched modules in dual channel.

You are welcome to try it, but there is no guarantee it will work. All times are GMT The time now is Find all posts by cndittmar. Find all posts by Yellowbeard. Find all posts by Garvin.