BBE and the BBE symbol are the registered trademarks of BBE Sound, Inc. All rights reserved by COWON SYSTEMS, Inc. iAUDIO G3 4 Precautions for. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Cowon Systems iAUDIO G3 User Manual • Cowon Systems Computer Accessories. User manual for the device Cowon Systems iAUDIO G3. Online user manual database.

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It is prohibited to distribute this User Guide in part or in whole without permission. Do not let the unit get wet or leave it in a damp place for prolonged periods. Moreover, it may not be even be possible to repair the unit with charged for service, and you may no longer be able to use the product. Do not bend the USB cable excessively or leave it pressed by heavy objects.

Iauddio note that Cowon Systems is not responsible for any data loss from products entrusted to us for service. This product uses 1. Always use AA batteries, and pay attention to the polarity when replacing batteries.

Never reuse batteries that have been found leaking. JetShell What is JetShell? Based on Cowon Systems testing with AA alkaline batteries. You can record important meetings or lectures, and save them in your PC to listen to later. This means that you can connect the 3. This feature is also very useful for studying language. You can save up to 24 radio ixudio in preset stations with channel numbers.

Base booster that reinforces super low frequencies. Sound effect that compensates for lost parts of sound. Three-dimensional sound that gives the sound a wide sense of space. You no longer need a separate USB drive with small storage any more. JetAudio Also included in the package is JetAudio, the most popular integrated multimedia player software in the world. Flip over and open the cover. Fewer bars are displayed as the battery charge decreases. For some dry or rechargeable batteries, the bars of the battery charger indicator may become unstable while the charge is being measured, but this is normal.

When the battery is exhausted, mabual battery charge indicator starts to blink, and then after about 30 minutes of operation, the power goes off automatically.


However, when the display setting iaudko Filename, or the ID3 tag does not contain artist information, the folder shape is used and the folder name is displayed. Basic Operations for Mode Change There are four modes: Display when USB is connected. Basic Operations for Using Menu Example: Selecting Menu Press the lever. When it is at the top menu, the menu screen is closed and the previous mode screen returns. The changed value is immediately applied. Basic Operations for Using Navigator Example: When the folder structure of iAUDIO is like the following, and you want to navigate from the root folder to b-2 folder and select Entering Navigation Mode Select a Navigator Item To select and open a folder, press the lever to open a popup screen and select Expand.

You can delete items from the list as well. You can bookmark up to 20 song titles, iauio play them from the bookmarked location.

Cowon iAUDIO G3 User Manual

When the present folder is the root folder, the Navigator screen is closed and the previous mode screen returns. See Autoplay on page Then select MP3 Player from the Mode menu. Press the button to set the loop start point.

The A icons appears at the bottom middle of the LCD. Press the button again to set the loop end point. The icon changes to A B. This audio block starts to play repeatedly. When you wish to release this feature, press the REC button again. Push the HOLD switch mannual the left. Press the REC button to start recording. For information on setting the recording quality, see page 37 of this manual. The radio station does not change until you select one. After g33 a channel, you can press the MENU button to display the popup menu for more convenient iaudjo.

Listen to the current radio station. Add the current radio station to Presets. Delete the current radio station. Plays the track immediately. Adds the track to the playlist.


Listen to only the intro part of the track. Completely remove the track from Flash memory. For the Autosync setting procedure, see Autosync Features in Page For information on changing the recording quality, see page 37 of this manual. After recording, you can press and hold the lever to enter Navigator mode for more convenient features.


Adds the track to Playlist. Plays only the intro part of the tracks. Completely removes the track from Flash memory. You can adjust each EQ band as you like. Mach3Bass Level 5 4. Select 3D Surround and press the lever.

Download free pdf for Cowon iAUDIO G3 MB MP3 Player manual

A menu to adjust the level from 0 to 10 appears. Select Pan and press the lever. Select BBE and press the lever.

Mach3Bass is a base boosting effect that reinforces super-base frequencies. Select Mach3Bass and press the lever. Boundary Setting Play Range In this menu, you can select various play ranges. View Watch View Watch On 2. Lyrics Lyrics On 2. Repeat Setting Repeat Play You can change the repeat play value to apply to the play range. Select Repeat and press the lever. The square box at the right is checked. When you press the lever again, the square box is unchecked and Repeat Play is not set.

When it is checked, the selected Play Range is played repeatedly. The square box on the right is checked. Lyrics are automatically displayed when they exist. Lyrics are not displayed even if they exist.

This operation works only for tracks with lyrics. The time remaining is displayed.

Cowon iAUDIO G3 256MB Manuals

The time since the beginning of the track is displayed. ID3Tag Version 2 is given priority. ID3Tag Version 1 is given priority. When you select an option and press the lever, it is applied beginning with the next track played. Lyrics Info Time Adjust Window 6. Language Language Kanual simpli. Contrast Contrast Level 5 9. Then select the desired lyrics from the lyrics search iaudoo. The searched lyrics list is displayed in the Iaueio Window.

When you select lyrics from the list, they are displayed in the Lyrics Window. Auto Play must be On. Song Order General 1. Skip Length Skip Length Track 2. Scan Speed Scan Speed x2 3. Battery Type Select the method to arrange song titles. Arrange songs by order downloaded in.