Learn more about the Agile gibbon – with amazing Agile gibbon photos and facts on Arkive. Species: Hylobates agilis; Common name: Agile gibbon; Synonyms: Hylobates rafflei, Hylobates unko, Hylobates albo nigrescens, Hylobates albo griseus. Demographic processes and the structure of a population of agile gibbons ( Hylobates agilis) were investigated over 6 years in the Gunung Palung Reserve, .

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In birds, naked and helpless after hatching. Monogamy imposes limits on group size, while mating patterns and territoriality decrease the impact of sources of high mortality common in other primate species. With its long arms they swing on branches, brachiating at a fast pace.

Visual preference in a human-reared agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis).

Iteroparous animals must, by definition, survive over multiple seasons or periodic condition changes. Members of Hylobates spend most of their lives in the trees, and rarely descend to the ground.

ADW doesn’t cover all species in the world, nor does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe. A high level of plasticity was found in great calls from the same individual, and generally the inferred pattern of variability suggested that ecological or social factors may confound any genetically based island dialects.


Visual preference in a human-reared agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis).

They live in the upper canopy of the forest, feeding on fruits, leaves, and insects. If you are able to help please contact: Rodents of Unusual Size communitycoypudocumentary hlobates, ecosystemenvironmentfilmmakerfilmmakinginvasiveinvasive speciesrodentsUSAWetlandswildlife Monday 24 September Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Biogeographic Regions oriental native Habitat Hylobates agilis is found in the tropical rainforests of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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Apes of hylbates World. Average number of offspring 1 Average number of offspring 1 AnAge Average gestation period 7 months Average age at sexual or reproductive maturity female 8 years Average age at sexual or reproductive maturity male 8 years Most female gibbons nurse and care for their offspring until the offspring are about two years old.

As in all primates, communication in this species is complex and involved several different modalities. Accessed December 31, at https: Agile gibbons come in a variety of different colors, including black, brown, light tan and reddish-brown. The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support. The interbirth interval for H.

Accessed November 10, at http: Retrieved 11 January Agile gibbon Hylobates agilis. Conservation measures have been taken, such as reserve game parks and breeding programs in zoos. The average weight of H.

Retrieved from ” https: Walker’s Mammals of the World, Sixth Edition. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference 3rd ed. Females give birth to a single offspring after seven months’ gestation.


Mammal Species of the World: Tactile communication is also important, between mates, and between parents and their offspring.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Principal component analysis followed by a hylobahes ANOVA on components revealed a complex pattern of song variability not likely to reflect taxonomic or evolutionary relationship.

Agile gibbon

Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: Agile gibbons, Hylobates agilisare found in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Demographic processes place gibbons at risk, however, to short-term changes in their environment. Epiphytes and climbing plants are also abundant. The primary objective was to evaluate the effect of geographical isolation on variability in song pattern and to test whether proposed island-specific song characteristics exist, reflecting evolutionary divergence between Sumatran and Bornean agile gibbons.

Western hoolock gibbon H.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

These monogamous bonds are important for raising young and for defending the pair’s territory. Rodents of Unusual Size. This article is about the agile gibbon endemic to Sumatra and the Malaysian peninsula.