Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive. Randel Helms’ “Gospel Fictions”: A Critique. The main premise of this book is that the writers of the Gospels are creators of fiction; more precisely, it is suggested. Read the full-text online edition of Gospel Fictions ().

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This person to come isn’t someone whom John would consider a candidate for baptism. An important book for someone interested in understanding early christianity. He also suits the theory to the facts by now arguing for a “blending” of stories from Mark 2 and 3 to make tospel story in John 5.

Gospel Fictions

With regard to the sixth century B. Latest News Ministry Manifesto The latest! Fictioons is therefore baseless to claim that the Gospel accounts had “not yet been invented” based on what 1 Cor.

Stan rated it really liked it Jan 14, In faithful trust in Buddha he stepped into the water and went as if on dry land to the very middle of the stream. If they had to “stretch” the gospwl of the OT “out of context” then isn’t this a pointer to them having to do so to fit a historical situation?

Trevor Jones rated it it was amazing Jun 09, To read Mark aright, we must first read Daniel. It is more likely that they did not use there stories from Mark because they had other stories they wanted to tell than that there was some conscious effort to remove these sorts of stories.

It does not occur to Helms that a word fcitions of “see again” or “opened the eyes” would be used for ANY restoration of sight, and he does not see a difference between anointing with clay and anointing with a salve made of blood and honey.

The example of the loss and healing of the servant’s ear otarion with Amos predicting a rescue of either two legs or an earlobe of a lamb Amos 3: Gospel fictions Randel Helms No preview available – After the disciples recognize the figure on the water as Jesus, the impetuous Peter called to him: This comes directly from Septuagint Exodus Please try again later.


He also does not suppose that a miracle would certify ANY prophet.

Randel Helms

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. While a relatively older, shorter read, Prof. Our own 21st century minds find such demonstrative actions difficult to comprehend – perhaps because we are over-saturated with television advertisements that try to do much the same thing. Rsndel this instance we DO see a probable example of Matthew using an OT text that does not fit well the actual death of Judas, but as argued gospep the link, we do not see that he intends such a thing.

Whenever you drink it, do this as a memorial of me. It vospel often objected that NT writers badly used or misused OT passages, or used them out of context. Likewise, “Lazarus” the Greek form of the Hebrew name “Eleazar” readily associates itself with the name of the god Osiris semitized as El-Osiris.

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Gospel fictions : Randel Helms : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Account Options Sign in. Want to Read saving…. Time and again, quotes and scenes from the Gospels are found to have their counterparts in the older books which the early Christian cult combed to show Jesus was foretold all along. But under the rubrics first described above, the common inclination in Judaism would be to take purposeful, dynamic and obvious actions in order to draw a purposeful parallel and thereby deliver a message: Rather than conclude, as this suggests, that Mark and Matthew are reporting historical events which were later fictiobs upon and described using OT passages as indeed Jesus’ entry would have been a deliberate invoking of Zechariah Fuctions comcludes that Mark “seems not to have been aware” that the story was created from Zechariah’s text.

When the Pharisees object that Jesus’ followers, by plucking grain on the Sabbath, do what is forbidden;’ Jesus replies: Helms informs the reader of many of the basic facts of New Testament history which glspel taught in all seminaries and hslms never mentioned from the pulpit.


Presumably also the Roman soldiers, who normally split the possessions of the victims of crucifixion, did this because of Ps. My only complaint was that there was a lot of repetition, which made the book difficult to get through.

Randel Helms – Wikipedia

The only thing Helms doesn’t touch on fitions the mimicking of Homer which author and scholar, Dennis MacDonald, so elegantly showed in his work. Helms does not suppose that the Samaritan would return to a Samaritan priest and not a Jewish one.

Lots of Little Loos. No scholar of the Bible, Mark let this piece of misinformation slip into his gospel unchecked. Few doubt that Mark or anyone else invented the account of Jesus’ baptism by John, so this means that the alleged “dilemma” Helms thinks existed, existed already when Paul wrote his second letter to the Corinthians; it means that it existed when Peter wrote his first epistle, and it means that it existed before either of these men wrote, and that it probably was part and parcel of Christian catechism from the very beginning, for we can be fairly sure that neither one invented the doctrine on the spot, and ffictions not independently of one another.

Since ficyions already existing patterns allow for many multiforms and are the result of oft repeated human experience, it is not difficult to adjust another special case to the flexibly interpreted story patterns Strangely, however, he kept Mark’s paraphrase of the last part of the Isaiah passage, an action that is quite revealing of Matthew’s mind: Helms admits that the Jeremiah passage Matthew uses is “strangely irrelevant” helmx the Slaughter of the Innocents, which in turn should have told him that it is more likely that Matthew called out the oracle to describe rather than create history.