Sensei’s Library, page: Go Databases, keywords: Software. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the game of Go (Baduk, Weiqi). It’s a collaboration. Kifu is the Japanese go term for game record, but its use is discouraged by some people, since the English game record works well. The recent. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the game of Go (Baduk, Weiqi). The idea is you add the moves on the kifu itself, ++ on the.

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For example, you can adjust misplaced moves, insert a pair of moves, add comments, and email the game record to your opponent. KifuDepot Japanese language only Asian pro games from and some old Japanese games.

Go Databases at Sensei’s Library

Two interesting projects in this area are GoCam and Chris Ball ‘s image2sgf. That’s one important aspect of it, though the weaker the hardware the bigger the problem is with playing just AIs. Sometimes I don’t understand the reasoning kiru their moves. Well, at least they’re not expensive! SmartGo includes over problems. Similar to translator notes or so In China, people named this kind of record ” qipu ” simplified Chinese: Go game Shogi theory. I don’t know what SmartGo’s level is except that I’m beating it at its second highest level on an iPad mini 2, which is a relatively fast iPad, with 16 seconds per move for the AI.

One of the definitive online Go resources. Remember your goals here, if you just want to play bots those two are good choices and maybe look into Crazy Stone for PC, it’s much kifuu than the basic kiffu on iPad. Proprietary format with possibility of export to SGF. Edit page Discuss page 4. I feel less alone in noticing that!


Lee Sedol . GoKifu Share SGF Go/Baduk/Weiqi games with friends.

Go Problems Solving problems is one of the main ways to get stronger. All games freely viewable online. This can be avoided by quickly checking mentally each time you record a move that the move number is odd if it’s a Black move and even if it’s a White move in a handicap game, kjfu course, White’s moves will be odd-numbered.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The game became interesting, and at one point, while I was concentrating on a particularly difficult sequence, I put a stone in my mouth, thinking it was a potato ggo.

Sat Mar 21, 2: Record Your Game Game recording and editing features have been fine-tuned through actual use at many tournaments, so it’s a snap to record your over-the-board games.

I should have added “and resume”. I’m guessing it shouldn’t even be too hard – after all, the board is a pretty simple shape and the stones have very good contrast. If you want to play humans some day you’re not going to be very good at it if you just play bots because bots and humans play rather differently and a lot of what works against specific bots on the iPad won’t work against humans.

Premium account is commercial, yearly subscription. SmartGo Kifu includes the full GoGoD collection of kufugame records, from classic games to modern tournaments.

It’s like trying out a move: I have used a sheet of peel kifuu numbered stickers, black and white for odd and even numbers. Also hosting an archive of commented games by Alexandre Dinerchtein.

To take it further, you could even write a program to automatically analyze the pictures and create an SGF file from it.

In Kiifu Go books, when unoccupied points of the board are mentioned in the commentary, they are usually labelled by hiragana in iroha order to this day. Game recording and editing features have been fine-tuned through actual use at many tournaments, so it’s a snap to record your over-the-board games.


The iOS app Baduk Cap has automatic move recognition and allows to take pictures at pre-defined time intervals. Go4Go – 72, pro games as of March 12, In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Free has small database. I once dipped my hand into a cup of tea instead of my bowl of stones. Go Databases last edited by But we don’t really need multiple methods of recording games, and if you intend your game records to be understandable by others it is better to use the existing system as it is used by millions throughout the Far East, in gl handicap stones are not numbered.


How To Record a Game

Not sure how helpful this comment might be to you, but I feel your pain. He thought it was funny, though. For a while I got to play with a group on a daily basis; once a month someone would grab for a stone, and fingers into coffee. Many Go programs can read, edit, and write this format. With the new Java-enabled phones it might even be possible to program it to make a picture regularly, so all you need to do is position the phone and start the recording program but I don’t know how far the integration between phone and Java goes.

So do correspondence and bot play.

Wed Mar 11, 5: