Source that I used for the video: Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Way Does the Evidence Point. Frank Zindler is an American atheist and he is currently the editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheist Press. Frank R. Zindler. Showing all 9 results. Sort by popularity, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low.

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This page was last edited on 22 Aprilat Clearly, this view is antithetical to Christianity, which holds that Jesus’ suffering on the cross paid for our sins. More Important Atheist Books.

Every possible argument has been used against them; and yet they outlast the leaders of every age! If this fact is obscured, one comes into serious conflict not with dogma but with history.

Of this letter, it is noted that it was accepted into the church rather slowly. Zindler has a lot of research to do before he can be regarded as worthy of a respectable hearing. Also significantly, whereas Kennedy was adored by well-wishers hanging from windows above him, Lincoln was the one above the crowd in his box. Perhaps the best way to expose the unreasonableness of Zindler’s theories is to set an example.

Frank Zindler – Wikipedia

Zindler names none, footnotes none, and until he does, as far as we are concerned, “some scholars” means “no one. Incidentally, “Bethany beyond Jordan” may be an otherwise unknown village — see notes above — or it may be a zinvler spelling of a region called Batanea that is beyond the Jordan.

Zindler next expresses surprise in something else he shouldn’t, and says scholars find “inexplicable” something actually very few of them zijdler — that “the disciples function as veritable stooges” and “were uncomprehending when Jesus said something any second-grader should have understood. Where would Marcion have gotten the exemplar to argue as he did?

The suggestion zinddler Sirach is that the “law” and “prophets” were recognized bodies of literature, whereas “other ancestral books” seems to have been more fluid. Never mind that there is also a perfectly fine Judas in the apostolic band. Note that the parallels are dense and sequential: A second edition of Joshua is 5 percent shorter, most of what is missing being elucidations.

Frank Zindler

The canon question is at least one viably discussed; for question 2, Zindler is not quite so proficient. Authenticity zindlrr established by means of blessings for honor, and curses for dishonor, in transcription. Secondas Metzger indicates, the total extant works of the Apostolic Fathers fits “a volume about the same size as the New Testament”!


Well, imagine that you are being persecuted as a Christian, and that your holy books are a target and will be confiscated. Among the many imaginary characters of the New Testament, perhaps the most blatantly obvious fictions are the Twelve Disciples.

Frank Zindler – Conservapedia

When it comes to the OT, Zindler tries hard to find some deviation among the Samaritans; he admits that their canon was inspired by ulterior motives, and that ends frani viable use of their canon for his argument. In several individual instances, however, the LXX represents a text that comes close to other sources, viz. Zindler’s only other issue is that John fails zinddler name some of the twelve, though unlike the Synoptics, John contains no passage offering such a list to begin with.

One further evidence of the inauthenticity of Mark is the fact that in chapter 7, where Jesus is arguing with the Pharisees, Jesus is made to quote the Greek Septuagint version of Isaiah in order to score his debate point. To be fair, we should note that some would argue that to combine Ruth and Judges, and Lamentations with Jeremiah, to reach 22, is without basis, other than these later witnesses such as Eusebius; and that it is rather bold to equate Josephus’ 22 books with our present OT canon.

Zindler’s appealing to Occam’s Razor and claiming his contrived, reworked, unattested history is a “simpler” view than the one in the Gospels is unreasonable to an excess. The next piece of data comes from Josephus’ description of the Jewish holy books in Contra Apion 1. One of these was Thomas Eckert, a man so strong that he broke several cast-iron pokers by striking them across his left arm.

So what more needs be said? For more on this, see Glenn Miller’s excellent work on pseudox at http: Later, the seeming emphasis on works hurt it as with Lutherbut Metzger notes that when comparing the ideas found in James to those found in Paul’s letters regarding faith, one finds “what seems to be a reasonable resolution when one observes that the two authors were considering the nature of faith as it existed within each of the two different polemic situations in the church.

To summarize in advance:. It seems ironic as well that a “freethinker” apparently here condemns a situation in which people have been allowed to think for themselves.

With Valentinus, we have a heretic who not only tried to change Christianity – using a mix of his own teachings, genuine Christian ideas, and “Oriental and Greek speculations” – but also wrote his own Gospel, which he called “The Gospel of Truth.


To keep Gnosticism and other heresies from destroying Christianity, or else morphing it out of all recognizance, it was seen to frakn necessary to set things down “in stone” once and for all. In that regard, I am in agreement with the Church Fathers: However, “on the basis of the available evidence See again here including the supplemental essay on Mithraism.

It bears a haunting resemblance to works like Dante’s Infernoand thus may be inspired in the same category as the Shepherd. Synodal judgments and episcopal pastoral letters concerning the contents of the Bible frqnk usual only in the fourth century, and at first are of only local importance.

Brief Biography of

According to an inscription discovered in in Caesarea Maritima the priests of the order of Elkalir made their home in Nazareth. Zindler is bypassing proof of the requisite middle premise showing that the difference is indeed due to fabrication. In closing on textual criticism, Zindler’s conclusion that “Bible scholars have come to a simple conclusion” that “[t]rying to find the ‘correct reading’ of most biblical MSS is as hopeless – and as meaningless – as trying to find the ‘average voter'” is little nothing short of a blatant misrepresentation of the state of affairs in Zindker textual criticism.

Seek And Ye Shall Find: Heretic 1 – Basilides AD There were undoubtedly many heretics before Basilides, but he is the first major heretic for whom we have any significant evidence. One suspects that Zindler would prefer not to clarify he only zindlet a work of Malina without explanationbecause to do so would not allow for the superstitious association that the word “astrology” today carries. Zindler tells us, no: Zindler supposes zindldr further study of the “communal psychopathologies which infested the Eastern Mediterranean world” i.

Zindler may as well say that “there is little evidence that Josephus knew or cared anything about the geography or real-life circumstances of the stage on which their actors play out their parts. Any mention of Bathyra anywhere else, then? We will now add impact to our case by placing the parallels in columns. Grant notes that the NT canon was Marcion appealed to the authority of the writings of the Apostle Paul.