SOMETHING ABOUT EMMALINE was featured in Pandora’s Box, the monthly review column at All About Romance. Read what they thought about Elizabeth’s. Countdown to 20 Where do I start with SOMETHING ABOUT EMMALINE, my sixth Avon Romance? One of my favorite of favorites–if authors. Something About Emmaline. Elizabeth Boyle. Buy This Book. One of the first things I thought as I read Emmaline was that I just had to let go and.

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Despite his spendthrift ways and penchant for peccadilloes, a more loyal friend Alex had never known. Then, after that, he had to consider who else had seen this imposter. Emmaline kaget banget pas pertama ketemu Alex di kamar itu ternyata si Baron masih muda dan ganteng, padahal nenek nya kan sll bilang kalai Alex itu Dull duh.

This is also one of the few books I cried over while writing. He started up the stairs.

Something About Emmaline | Elizabeth Boyle

And for this reader entirely appealing. Dec 04, Marthaamai rated it liked it.

It was completely unbelieveable. I look forward to read about the rakish Jack, who I can really classify as a rake. She was a lady elizbeth. Interestingly, it all falls into place in the end.


This time Alex did laugh. But in a harlequin, you expect not to be able to get in touch with the heroes too much, basically because of the short length.

I love Elizabeth Boyle’s writing style to begin with soething did know this book existed. I got quite a few giggles, and it wasn’t focused on heavy petting- there was a pretty darn cute story in it, for all of its flaws.

Nice, entertaining but really there was no depth at all.

Something About Emmaline

And lowered his voice. Against Alexander’s better judgment, Emmaline is impossibly fixed in his life. It is a cool drink on a hot day or a warm cocoa on a winter’s day Elizabdth clerk is attending to all his business in his absence.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The fact that Lady Emmaline Denford is a mere figment of his imagination is, naturally, the primary reason for her perfection. I had to edit my review after all, to add that this was certainly worth of 3 stars. Lots of silly plot twits, meddling relations, nosy servants. I admit I found it a bit delightful and more than a little cute.

Jun 09, Catherine Bishop rated it did not like it. This is possibly the most wtf plot I have read in an HR and that is saying something but ohmygosh it was so good and I was grinning the entire time.


Of course, why would he? I didn’t find the premise of this story very plausible but I was entertained enough not to care.

Posing as Emmaline isn’t a stretch for the newly arrived Lady Sedgwick, she’s been conning gentry for years. And I believed the unbelievable romance. Aug 28, Emmeline rated it really liked it. But that was the problem with confidence, occasionally it needed to be shaken, and Baron Sedgwick was about to be rattled right down to the roots of his illustrious, as well as fictional, family tree.

boye She had a reputation to uphold. The plot is as ridiculous as it sounds, but the characters are enjoyable and the story is a light-hearted romp, even while it hints at some heavier issues. The door to the dining room opened and Burgess, their butler, entered, staggering elizabethh a large silver tray. Never venture across the Channel. This is a story of a con gone very wrong and how two people who are entirely wrong for each other fall head over heels in love.