Cataphoresis painting is a process to increase corrosion resistance of exterior surface of the goods. It’s a electro coating process based on electrochemistry. Cataphoresis means application of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby Appropriate anti-corrosive basic surface treatment for powder coating colors. Cataphoresis Treatment. (Cationic Electro Deposition of Paint / Electro Coating). The process of cataphoresis is a electtro deposition of paint in.

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One of our core values is best quality. Teknorot is the first aftermarket manufacturer in Turkey to apply this process in house.

What can we do for you? A closed chemical process to provide enviromentally friendly solution to cating.

Accept Disable Cookies Cookie Policy. How is it applied? Cataphoresis means application of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby the painted product becomes a cathode in the direct current anolyte water solution of the epoxy paint and thus attracts the colour cations.

This application has high performance on corrosion and cotaing comparing to electro-static dust and electro-static wet paint coatings.

A customer has asked us about KTL, or cataphoretic painting. This feature makes that system different comparing with the coaring coating systems. I would like to know whether after Catophoretic treatment Liquid Finish Painting can be done OR whether only powder coating can be applied? Chemical material is captured in that steam. The biggest contribution to the development of cataphoresis technology has automotive industry, where anti-corrosion resistance of bodyworks and other components is the focus of interest coatign all producers.

Difference between E-Coat and Cataphoresis Process

Heat recycling is performed from the oven exhaust hood. Can it be due to the bath which should be electrically charged? Cataphoresis paint is water-based paint. Powercron coatlng the newest product of the 6th generation of cathodic epoxid electrophoretic materials free of heavy metals and used for protection of bodyworks, steel wheels and other ccessories with different thickness of the layer.

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In Pretreatment the parts are cleaned and phosphate coated. I will have a last question about cataphoresis, a catahporesis more difficult: According to the type of powder, there is possible to achieve corrosion resistance of hours. Of these different ways, electroplating is usually the most economical and satisfactory when coatings are in the 8 micron range.

It is feeding itself and an integrated working auxiliary plant that keeps chemical coatiny material under continuous control. The issue is that subsequent coatings can only get full adhesion onto clean parts.

Cataphoresis represents one of the most progressive production technologies of application of basic paints with a high degree of corrosion protection of metals. Our company is one of the pioneer organizations in India for painting systems.

Cataphoretic coating

To minimize your searching efforts and to offer multiple viewpoints, we’ve combined some threads into the dialog you’re viewing. That’s a tall order, but here’s a brief intro — Zinc can be applied to steel parts to offer them cathodic protection i. From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: Within low amount of chemical waste and low operational cost, This system makes it much more convenient and attractive to environmental conditions.

The zinc electroplating bath can be acid based or alkaline based.

Machu from Abe Books or Amazon A. June “Handbook of Electropainting Technology” by W.


Treatment of cataphoresis – Arco s.r.l.

Please forgive any resultant repetition or failures of chronological order. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. There are no paint that loses during the painting and causes a negative working environment catapohresis are flying in the air.

We use Google Analytics Cookies to monitor website traffic to help improve the website. There are a lot of users and manufacturers in USA for e-coat. Chemicals used in surface pretreatment are supplied by the company Henkel. We added your inquiry to a thread on the subject which might clear up some of your questions.

This experience and our chemical know-how leads to meeting and even exceeding OEM minimum hours test results according to EN salt spray test. Better surface adhision properties to have a superior cross cut and impact test result. It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages.

You help me to have information about this. Hello cataphoreiss, I’m doing a bit of research about e-coating processes and I still don’t understand why all the suppliers I can find only provide black or white cataphoresis. From rinse the parts move to the bake oven. I am not an expert in the following assertion, but it is my understanding that early electrodeposition was often done with anaphoretic paint, but cataphoretic is perceived today as generally superior and is far more common these days.