By RICHARD BRAUTIGAN. THE COVER FOR TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA. The cover for Trout Fishing in America is a photograph taken late in the afternoon . Trout Fishing in America has ratings and reviews. mark said: I went up Richard Brautigan was a literary idol of the s and s whose comic. The book, Trout Fishing in America, came from the pen of Richard Brautigan. It presents us with something new—not really a novel, though it.

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Trout Fishing in America

Like Unthank, this world is a dreamlike one that seems to have its own laws of nature and physics, although in watermelon sugar is a pastoral, agrarian existence rather than an urban, industrial one. The settings of most of the chapters occur in three locales: Apparently even the most banal of fictions can, given the right circumstances, transform experience, for only after the owner tells “what happened” do the pages begin to spin.

Oct 28, Edgar rated it it was amazing. As it was, I bought a large window and we drove it to my shack, where I installed it to my satisfaction” Davis, Kenn.

And all have some kind of surreal bent or observation tgout them. The movies have discarded him. It is the same break with the past which Trout Fishing in America Shorty experiences with the narrator’s daughter in the park.

Brautigan met a surgeon staying at a nearby campsite with his family. The following quote comes from an introduction Collins wrote especially for the Mariner edition of this book.

Books by Richard Brautigan. View all 14 comments. Paperbackpages. They wore their ancient copyrights like new maidenheads.

Yes, it can be funny, but for me the laughs came fewer and fewer as I turned the brautiga and became somewhat tiresome. Even Trout Fishing in America Shorty is destroyed by the acclaim afforded him by the movies: Explore the Home Gift Guide.

I couldn’t hear ni he was saying. Trout Fishing in America is a novella written by Richard Brautigan and published in Intrigued by what Dunn said of the place, Brautigan visited it himself, sparked with the idea of selling used trout streams by the foot Hjortsberg It’s not that he would be better off in “reality,” out fidhing the field with his brothers and sisters “picking beans for two-and-one-half cents a pound to keep the family going”—that is not a good alternative.


His writing, when he has his imagination under control, however, is frequently splendid and his imagery so supple as to make more conventional writers look hopelessly musclebound. He challenges the whole notion of fiction the same way Andres Serrano would later challenge the notion of museum art: Aug 06, Talia rated it liked it Shelves: Saw Trout Fishing in America. Mentre si leggono queste brevi narrazioni informali e sorridenti, si prova la sensazione di giocare senza regole, di riscoprire un modo di essere del linguaggio meno pragmatico, organizzato e regolato, ispirato ad uno spirito artistico primario, surrealista e irrazionale.

Richard Brautigan was a literary idol of the s and s whose comic genius and iconoclastic vision of American life caught the imagination of young people everywhere.

If this were a book principally about the drawing, quartering, and selling of wild America, there would be a radical disjunction between its language and its theme.

Maybe I’m one of those people who doesn’t have a regular name, maybe it depends on you? There is a very persuasive account of the Cleveland Wrecking Yard, which sells used trout streams and old waterfalls. La prima copertina del libro si merita addirittura il primo capitolo dove Brautigan disquisisce sul monumento a Benjamin Franklin a Washington Square, San Francisco: The opening chapter of the book is fantastic and worth the investment in the novel just for those few pages alone.

After a while it takes on the personality of the writer. He was a good guy. I feel Brautigan would have smiled at this tiny rebellion. Brauti If you don’t like this book, you don’t like fun. We talked about it up in Portland. He wants us to see the pr Penned at the tail-end of the Beat movement, Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America is his surreal novel on the battle for humanity’s soul waged between the high-stakes, ever expanding industrialism of the expiring 20th century and the salad days of nature worshiping 19th century.

He argues, quite convincingly, that Brautigan creates a pastoral fantasy, a verbal world not unlike a city or country of words—a way of maintaining one’s sanity in modern America. His early writing consisted of poetry, and he was seen distributing poems on trolley cars and street corners. Vanderwerken has shown how Brautigan addresses the essential opposition of an ideal and real America [32]. Luckily for us the rest of the pages exist.


Trout Fishing in America is all about road trips and the things you see and find and learn about on road trips. Something about reading this on America’s day of fireworks and independence while bathing in the glorious embrace of a local breweries 6-pack delight has some abstract importance to me that would be bastardized by my attempts to excavate it into concrete language for examination.

And underlying this sense of life are gentleness and mental freedom. One time they went fishing right off of a shore and instead I waded in, got in there up to my neck. The afternoon sun kept changing everything as it moved across the sky, and the FBI agents kept changing with the sun.

It is difficult to find a trace of the trout, and he admits that “sometimes it was so bad that it just left me standing there, not knowing which way to jump. Brautigan’s style undercuts the long tradition of realistic fiction. Spicer and Brautigan talked about the manuscript for Trout Fishing in America and together they revised it, “as though it were a long serial poem” Ellingham and Killian There was a huge tree that had fallen across a little creek, we crossed over it and just walked through the woods, no trail or anything.

Trout Fishing in America – Wikipedia

It makes me mad—what would the peasants of Vietnam say about this kind of protest? I went up to Portland for the weekend to see my friend Trout Fishing in America get married.

He also hints at the extensive pseudo-naturalism that is another plague of our times.

When the Big One never emerges, we rewind and revise the myth to suit our needs. See 1 question about Trout Fishing in America….