Theravada Bhikkhu Pāṭimokkha. Buddhist monks Patimokkha pali chanting in the Buddhist church on Uposatha Day, recorded from Wat Khung Taphao, Uttaradit Province, Thailand. Problems playing this file? See media help. In Theravada Buddhism, the Patimokkha is the basic code of monastic discipline, consisting of. Here you will the list of the rules of conduct that all the bhikkhus are supposed to Not to recite together with laymen, texts of dhamma in Pali language. A fault committed by a bhikkhu is called an æpatti in Pali. . Note: the numbering of the patimokkha rules doesn’t correspond at all with the chronology in which.

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Padukavaggo sattamo Uddittha kho ayyayo sekhiya dhamma. Not to make or have made a rains robe of more than 6. So ce duto tarn veyyavaccakaram sannapetva, tarn bhikkhunim upasankamitva, evam vadeyya: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Not to accept carpets containing silk. Bhutagamavaggo ekadasamo [] Agilanaya bhikkhuniya eko avasathapindo bhunjitabbo; tato ce uttarim bhunjeyya, pacittiyam.

List of the rules of pātimokkha

Evanca ta bhikkhuniyo bhikkhunihi vuccamana tatheva pagganheyyum, ta bhikkhuniyo bhikkhunihi yavatatiyam samanubhasitabba tassa patinissaggaya. Idam kho ayye ayyam uddissa civaracetapannam abhatam, patiganhatu ayya 64 civaracetapannan ti. Sadhu ti patissunitva, paccha khiyyanadhammam apajjeyya, pacittiyam. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.


Kumaribhutavaggo atthamo [84] Ya pana bhikkhuni agilana chattupahanam dhareyya, pacittiyam. Mayya attanam avacaniyam akasi, vacaniyam eva ayya attanam karotu, ayya pi bhikkhuniyo vadetu 45 sahadhammena, bhikkhuniyo pi ayyam vakkhanti sahadhammena, evam samvaddha 46 hi tassa bhagavato parisa yadidam annamannavacanena, annamanna- vutthapanena ti.

Like the parajikas, the sanghadisesas can only come about through the monk’s own pattimokkha and cannot be accidentally invoked. I prefer sitting or talking alone,” if doing it for that reason and no other, it is to be confessed.

Vinaya Pitaka, Bhikkhu Patimokkha

Not to leave a mattress or a chair outside without arranging it back suitably. When a bhikkhu is making a sitting cloth, it is to be made to the standard measurement.

To close the robe up to the neck and down to the wrists when sitting in inhabited areas. Dutiyampi pucchami, kaccittha parisuddha? Not to teach the dhamma to someone sitting at a higher level unless he is ill.

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Also below 34 CS: I [] Ya pana bhikkhuni atthimayam va dantamayam va visanamayam va sucigharam va karapeyya, pacittiyam. Not to take back a robe after having offered it. Not to witness military activities. Not to pztimokkha to a layman a realisation that has been achieved. Not to make a threatening gesture suggesting that he is about to strike.


Not to open the mouth before the food reaches its level. Not to ask for a robe to be woven bigger oali of better quality than the one that the donor had planned to give.

Also in next two rules. No ce patinissajjeyya, ayam pi bhikkhuni yavatatiyakam dhammam apanna nissaraniyam sanghadisesam.


So ce duto tarn bhikkhunim upasankamitva evam vadeyya: Also below 51 CS: Should any bhikkhu have a bed or bench upholstered, it the upholstery is to be torn off and confessed. Here, the size of the Sugata robe is bhjkkhu Not to dig or cause someone else to dig the ground.

Yassa siya apatti sa avikareyya. Settling a conflict by a majority decision. Not to consume solid foods between noon and the following dawn. Not to eat cutting pieces de food with the mouth.