The greatest of all tragedies must be that of the person who dies just outside the gate of life. They are standing, as it were, just outside the Wicket gate to the. LibriVox recording of Around the Wicket Gate by Charles H. Spurgeon. Read in English by MaryAnn Spiegel. Millions of men are in the outlying. Around the Wicket Gate has ratings and 15 reviews. Justin said: I don’t know how anyone could dislike Spurgeon. This is a delightful little books fil.

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There is no reason for fear: Is it a human love, which is eating like a canker into the heart? Thinking and resolving will not answer the purpose; you must come to real business; for only as you actually believe will you truly live unto God. We have sinned enough, without adding this to all our other offenses. I see it all. At one time I might have needed evidence to make me believe in the Lord Jesus; but now I know him so well, by proving him, that I should need a very great deal of evidence to make me doubt him.

Lean, and lean hard; yes, lean all your weight, and every other weight upon the Mighty God of Jacob. This is the ground-work of the security of the sinner who believes in Jesus: Look to it for pardon. Such newly enlightened souls often exclaim, “Why, sir, it is so plain; how is it I have not seen it before this?

He is as free to you as the rocks are to the fir-tree: An old man replied, “We shall be saved if we repent, and forsake our sins, and turn to God. These stripes, when applied to the heart, work repentance in us: Realistic Hope for those who Suffer from Depression.


They must COME; and they must come to HIM, and not merely to the Church, to baptism, or to the orthodox faith, or to anything short of his divine person. In the same childlike confidence cling to Jesus, who can and will bear you out of danger from the flames of sin.

Around the Wicket Gate

Arojnd is willing to do his best. If I were told that the Sultan of Zanzibar was a good man, and it happened to be a matter of interest to me, I do not suppose I should feel any difficulty in believing it.

Assuredly we must, and shall, for repentance is the first sign of healing; but the stripes of Jesus heal us, and not our repentance. Do not be alarmed by that idle suspicion. Trivia About Around the Wicket Are you still an unbeliever?

Christian Focus

He that is most loaded seems the most likely to pass in and begin the heavenward journey; but what ails the other men? It is good at hard work, and at daily duty. I am told that on a certain highland road there was a disputed right of way. Only the Lord himself can remove the folly which is bound up in their hearts, and lead them to take the great, decisive step.

Around the Wicket Gate — C. H. Spurgeon

You have taken poison, and the physician brings an antidote, and says, “Take it quickly, or aroun will die but if you take it quickly, I will guarantee that the poison will be neutralized. So believe your Lord as to be certain that his will must be far better than yours, and therefore you not only submit to it, but even rejoice in it.


I do not believe in such things. On a sudden he turns pale.

This is full often a sign that salvation is coming to us. You will be the first sphrgeon whom he has shut the door of hope. To reason against one’s own life is a sort of constructive suicide of which only a drunken man would be guilty.

Do not reason about it, or call it in question; believe it, and leap for joy. Look at the sheep when it is being shorn. We must eat; and even a blind man can find wickeh way to his mouth.

He would have to trust a good deal before he would believe that fire would thus be produced. For more free audio books or to become a volunteer reader, visit LibriVox. Then has he begun a life worth living, and he may have done with further fear. The Lord Jesus is great at making the lame man to leap like a hart, and in enabling those who are sick of spkrgeon palsy to take up their bed and walk.