Hello to everyone, I took my tranny down from the x5 is, due to jolt gears when hot!, and i am about to order the rebuild kit for it,i. ZF 5HP24 Custom Rebuild Bundle. This Will Include Every Possible Item Needed to Correctly Rebuild and Update Your Transmission. Input Clutch Drum. Find great deals for 5hp24 AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Transmission Rebuild Overhaul Kit TA. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I did it – rebuilt a 5hp I did it, I did it.

Notes from a recent transmission rebuild (ZF 5HP24) – Jaguar Forums – Jaguar Enthusiasts Forum

I rebuilt the 5hp24 in my iL. I took my time and rebuilt it over many weekend over the summer.

Wasn’t in a hurry as it really is our winter driver. It has k miles on it, it really rebulid not need a rebuild. The only symptom was a little bit of a shutter sometimes when shifting into second gear. I took the tranny apart, and found essentially no wear. The clutches looked fine, no torn seals, and even the reverse plunger had no chunks taken out of it as seen on other posts. It’s actually an easy job, taking the tranny out, and putting 5gp24 back in is the difficult part. I only replaced all the seals and clutches, that’s it.

I did not even open up the valve body. I figured I could always do that from under the car without having to pull the tranny.

The slideshow came out weird, you have to go backwards to see the forward progression. It is a nice feeling when you know that you accomplished something like that, despite people intoning at the outset that you are attempting brain surgery.

Did you have to go back into it for any “seconds” afterward? You wouldn’t be the first. D Have only taken one apart to see where it failed. Were there any concerns about getting any endfloat within spec.? No more practice please, I like doing things like this one time, the second time it becomes “work”. Now I want to rebuild an engine. I have not done the bottom end before. Done valve jobs, rebuild alternators, typical valley pans and oil separators.

All the cooling stuff. I got the kit here: OK, end float, I found this so I know what you are talking about. When I lined up the torque converter and tranny, I did have some problem with the TC binding on the flywheel, but I backed out the tranny and was able to to turn the torque converter, to get it to a point where things seem to fit together with no binding.

Car is driving fine, so I am hopeful all is well. Another little something I found on the net. I guess Rebuipd lucked out big time. I did not think the TC installation was as big a deal as I now read. If not enough clearance, remove transmission and check to see 5h;24 converter is seated in front pump properly.


Each time the converter is rebkild without sanding out the crankshaft rust, removing the paint from converter pilot and adding a little grease the converter may be drawn up crooked with the first bolt, causing the converter to run-out and usually ruining the pump bushing.

The 2nd most common complaint on converters is a whine after installation. This usually means too much clearance between converter pads and flex plate. This draws the converter hub too far out of the pump drive gear causing the gear to rock. Thanks for sharing your project with us, they are terrific pics and show the care one has to take! It’d be really good to make a section on the site for Auto Trans rebuilds, and really get the knowledge out there for all those with the time to fix dodgey trans behaviours.

I did not follow any instructions other than: Plus lots of patience. Oh, I seen this as well: I am glad you got it right. I tried to fix my MB tranny 15 years ago and did not have success I did fix my first gear slippage problem but it only stays in first gear If I had to do it again, I would. I heard ZF tranny is much easier to work with Only what Kirt told me Here is something worth to read I copied from Bimmerboard; tranny problems Author: Now that we had a repeatable event we connected DIS and ran rebiild the test procedures.

I did it – rebuilt a 5hp24 [Archive] – Forums

DIS is great, it tells you what to do and what to expect. DIS noted that the output sensor in the 5HP30 was not giving us pulses, we measured the resistance of sensors, there are 2, on the EGS connector.

The input sensor was around ohms, the output sensor at ohms, 5h2p4 should be between and or so. We had already measured from the tranny plug to the EGS plug and each wire came in at under 1 ohm. Lots of courage tearing into a for the most part working autobox. Something I’ll add for those who want to try this. Have a long, clean workbench to lay it all out on. 5gp24, did you soak the clutches in ATF? Curious because I forgot the first time and the first few shifts resulted in a horrible “squak” as the trans.

All was well after a few times but definately an “Oh, no” moment.

Actually I didnt mean that end float: D Just curious if you had to check any tolerances and use different shims to take up any ‘slack’. Great work and fantastic pics! For future reference, if you need the manuals to rebuild the zf transmissions, there is a ATSG torrent floating around on the nets that covers most of the earlier zf rebuld up to around Let me know if you are looking for an M62TU to rebuild.


My old engine from my iL has a spun rod bearing. Its been sitting on an engine hoist since late last year. Some day I will get to it. Even after all these great pictures, I still have no idea how a transmission rebuidl.

A vehicle with a ZF5HP24 comes in with a complaint of little or no movement forward,reverse is good. The technician replaced the drum with the updated part only to have it come febuild with the same complaint and the same broken drum. The drum is breaking in the snap ring area due to un-commanded pressure spikes. There is an updated pressure regulator valve See Figure 2 which could help the situation as long as the valve bore is not worn. The pressure spikes 55hp24 still occur and are caused by wear in the h5p24 regulator valve bore in the lower rbeuild valve body, Refer to Figure 3.

Using the part numbers found under Service Information, replace the pressure regulator valve and the lower renuild valve body. Excessive valve and bore clearance due to wear Correction: The Sonnax oversized valve kit restores correct valve-to-bore clearances and circuit integrity as well as preventing future wear in this area.

Wear at the spring end of the bore allows line pressure to exhaust resulting in low line pressure, soft shifts and burnt clutches. The Sonnax oversized pressure regulator valve kit K restores valve-to-bore clearances so the pressure regulator valve can maintain correct pressures. BTW, Since this old thread was revived, Reebuild went ahead and fixed the slide show of the rebuild I did on that first post baxk in – http: Haven’t looked at this yet, although did try to earlier, thank you for the update.

Also two questions – Did you use any formal guides on the disassembly and examination procedure? What guides did you use for the dissasembly and examination procedure?

5hp24 AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Transmission Rebuild Overhaul Kit T13202A

I used no formal guides. I looked at three different documented DIY jobs posted up on the Internet.

It’s been 5 years, prolly better ones out there by now, and besides, I don’t have those links anymore. Sorry – but just now I did a quick google search on “5hp24 rebuild” and there looks like there are some good ones out there.

Thank you for the help.